What is Hakomi somatic (body-based) psychotherapy?

Hakomi is a Hopi word meaning, "How do I stand in relation to myself and others?" We often judge ourselves or others: “Why isn’t this working? Why am I not working?!” A more compassionate inquiry might be: “I’m feeling lost – how did I get here? And how do I make my way out of these woods?”

Succinctly put, Life Happens. Somewhere along the way we get scratched, chipped, or dropped. And so we develop ways to cope – some helpful, some not. After years of trying to pick up the pieces, we begin to self-identify with what’s broken. Over time, we forget that at our very center we are whole: capable of love, inner peace, contentment -- all imbued with a knowingness that Life is going to turn out OK after all. 

How would it be to reclaim the version of yourself that has always been whole?

What I offer

My work with you is to help put your pieces back together as you find your way “home.” Perhaps you are ready to work through some trauma, or maybe you just feel like your life is spinning out and you are looking for a way to anchor back in. One thing is for certain: we cannot rush grief, push down PTSD, or simply “get over it.” The body keeps the score, even if our minds don’t want to. (That’s often why, over time, we become more anxious, not less.)

Over two decades doing both massage therapy and craniosacral work have shown me how embodied touch can dissolve those layers of coping and conditioning. Coupled with deep listening from the heart, the body’s wisdom unfolds, revealing much more than just the stories we tell. I am here to hold the entirety of You. Together we cross this bridge towards wholeness – giving plenty of space for healing to occur, in its own sacred time.

Ask yourself:

“What am I ready to let go of?

Who am I ready to become?”

As a Certified Hakomi Practitioner, my work has been informed by 25+ years of heart-centered, mindful bodywork; yoga; meditation; and my own path toward nurturing resilience through several surgeries and cancer, which led to a personal understanding of trauma. In addition, I have received training in the following:


You can also find me listed at the North Coast Integrative Care Network.