"Holy smokes! I definitely stepped into a vortex with you... That craniosacral session left me feeling different in the best of ways. You are such a gifted healer and incredible person. Thank you 💗💗💗" - Gabriel, 6-30/24

"Noreen has been working with me and beside me as an ally through therapy sessions that have been deeply insightful and healing. I feel held in her warmth, caring, connection and presence at every session. She’s the first person (maybe ever?) that I have been able to cry in front of, when in a very vulnerable place. She will not give up on me, even the me that’s a mess of pain, grief, suffering and loss. I feel so blessed to have found her."  —Lucy, 06-07-2024

"I have been struggling with complications of a spinal cord injury, PTSD and fibromyalgia for years. I was given Noreen’s name by my integrative family medicine (naturopathic) doctor. Upon meeting and working with Noreen, I quickly felt the safety and grounding needed to do this intimate work. Her ability to provide a “sacred space” is truly an art form. Noreen’s education/experience in massage, craniosacral work and Hakomi provides such a rich and varied array of skills. These skills, in combination with intuition, intense presence, empathy and validation, all create an incredibly safe milieu to do amazing therapeutic body and emotional work. I do feel blessed that our paths crossed. I am learning, healing and evolving in mind, body and spirit." —Anne,  05-11-24

 "Thank you so so much. It was such a beautiful session. I had no idea what to expect and what I experienced was not what I thought it was going to be! Your energy, tone, and your demeanor carries such peace and your location of course is so beautiful! The energy exchange really sent me into my body and shifts happened and we both felt them as they happened! That big shift was a big program that I’m running a lot in regards to my worth and how much I criticize myself. So thank you for allowing my body to sit in silence, fully embodied and supported by your weight and your strength!"   --Monique, 04-10-24

"I have no words. For some things there are truly no words. I have such deep respect for how Noreen orients towards her stewardship as a healer. She takes trauma and it's healing seriously. She has devoted herself towards this mission of gathering the best tools she can find, to use with her clients. She is the real deal. I have searched for someone like her for many years. She really understands Trauma, and what it can do to a person. I felt deeply seen and heard by Noreen, and I feel that even just that level of being witnessed was profoundly healing. On top of that, her way with supportive touch is something I have never experienced before. I feel honored and grateful to have gotten the chance to work with Noreen." —Meir, 04-06-20

"No longer use my night guard thanks to Noreen. After using my night guard for a two year period and experiencing my jaw continually misaligned, I knew I needed some other modality to correct the problem. Six sessions later my jaw is aligned perfectly. I do not favor one side for chewing, and no longer biting the sides of my cheeks...Hallelujah!" --Sonja, 05-03-18

"Noreen is a miracle worker. I have been diagnosed with TMJD and she was highly recommended for her craniosacral work and speciality in TMJ. She coordinated my TMJ treatment with my physical therapist. I went to her with a massive and never-ending headache that had lasted for at least 3 months. The first time I got off her table the headache was gone. I hadn't even realized how bad it was until our first session relieved it. Over a period of 8 weeks Noreen worked her magic, while teaching me the anatomy of all the body parts we were working on. Sessions with Noreen feel like a combination of therapeutic body work, spa experience and transcendental meditation. I unreservedly recommend her for her hands, her knowledge, her spirit, and her empathy - not to mention her sense of humor!" —C J, 04-11-18

"The beautiful session you gave me was deeply restorative. For the first time since the accident, I felt my brain nestling back into my skull, and afterwards I slept for hours! I felt myself remember what normal is. Your warm presence, compassionate listening, and skills helped bring me safely back to myself. Thank you so much!" —Valerie, 07-25-17

"Came down with Bells Palsy and half my face was paralyzed. My doctor and acupuncturist said try Cranial Sacral work right away. A friend recommended Noreen. We met and after just one session all my facial muscles started to move. I chose to do 2 more sessions and my face is close to being recovered. All in less than 3 weeks. And the cranial sacral work felt wonderful and relaxing too... Very grateful for Noreen's expertise and calmness." —Rachel, 10-21-16

"I recently saw Noreen for a series of 4 Craniosacral treatments for my TMJ. I had developed fairly significant jaw pain and was having trouble eating. Her sessions were extremely skilled and nurturing, a combination that is difficult to find. I have been a practicing physical therapist for over 20 years and I readily recognize someone who has excellent knowledge of the science and anatomy of the physical body. Noreen has that, she is extremely smart and incredibly intuitive, a powerful combination in a healer. I recommend anyone who has TMJ issues to seek out her services as well as anyone looking for craniosacral work."—Pamela, 08-30-14