In both Hakomi Psychotherapy and Visionary Cranio-Sacral Work, a loving presence is at the cornerstone of the work. While techniques are important, as are fundamental protocols and the nuanced understanding of anatomy, there can be no true progress without a trusting relationship between practitioner and client. Trust is established because of the understanding that each step towards healing is in fact a cooperative process: feelings of partnership, teamwork, and mutual respect are basic requirements. The idea is that we are not separate, but inescapable parts of a Whole, infinitely greater than each of us alone.

In order for the work to unfold, there must be a quality of mindfulness and of reverence for you, the client. I work to create a sacred space by listening to your story and understanding your goal(s) clearly before we begin. The arc of each session then proceeds as follows. Our first 10 minutes consist of me listening to what troubles you, and which symptoms, whether physical or otherwise, are "talking the loudest." If you choose, we can then move to the table where active listening continues and I offer you embodied touch (When sessions are conducted through Zoom, we will still be able to establish mindful connection; you will feel my presence as I will yours!)

As Auguste Rodin once said: "Vision means to see the surface of things. A sculptor learns to see the depths."  My intention is to leave you with a clear head, an open heart and a free body. Together we can move towards wholeness.